As befitting a company that seeks to stay on the cutting edge of rubber processing technology we have made major investments in building strong infrastructure which essentially is the backbone of our efforts to stay competitive and relevant to the needs of the market. Our facilities are on par with the best in the world with state of the art machinery and highly skilled professionals to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.

The shop floor is spacious and houses all our manufacturing facilities, integrated to ensure seamless functionality. These include the mixing yard with mixing mill and kneaders, and moulding zone with semi automatic carbon batching facilities.

Constant quality control checks are carried out to ensure standards are met and we regularly update information, processes and technologies to stay relevant to the needs of the customers.

Above all, is our experience in the field that certainly makes the difference. Rubber compounding is both a science and an art and we have perfected both. Our products reflect it and our customers acknowledge it at all times