About Us

The Company

Since inception in the year 1998, we have proved our mettle as a leading name in the manufacture of specialized rubber products. In fact, we have proved our standing by finding acceptance in Aerospace industry by virtue of our strong technical and design capabilities. A measure of our quality standards is evident from the fact that we have earned the approval from CEMILAC (CENTER FOR MILITARY AIRWORTHINESS AND CERTIFICATION) & DGAQA (Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance)

Apart from the Aerospace industry, we also have a major presence across the automobile and industrial sectors for general Rubber products, Rubber to metal bonded parts, O- rings, Seals, Bellow, boots, suspension parts, Ceramic sheets & Ceramic Hoses.

As part of our commitment to be a full and complete rubber supplier, we offer many specialties and bespoke tailor made compounds to meet customer requirements. These Include Butyl Rubber for Tubes, EPDM for Molding & Conveyor Belts, Silicone for Printing Rollers & Food Grade Applications.

We also offer HNBR, ACM, AEM/ VAMAC, XNBR & FKM for automotive Tier-2 suppliers. We provide customized solutions with the help of our state of art R&D to Industries that are cost effective, efficient and contribute to flawless performance.

Our Ebonite Rubber Compound was certified by WRAS- UK for the Drinking Water Application.

The Group

Arul Polymers Pvt Ltd, was originally part of Arul Rubbers established in the year of 1978, and it's a Leading Rubber Lining Industry in the country especially for MSFE equipments like Re-boiler, Tube plates, Evaporator, MSRL Pipes and Fittings for Anti corrosive and Anti abrasion application. The company is based in Hosur, Tamilnadu.

As specialists in the supply of MSRL equipment for Multi Stage Fusion Evaporator (MSFE) Projects, Arul Rubbers has executed major projects for Staple Fibre and Viscose Rayon Manufacturers in India, Thailand and Indonesia. So far, the company has supplied more than 800 Tube Holder Plates, 300 Evaporators, 300 Re-Boilers and 700 Dish Ends for Re-Boilers. These are the equipment used in Spin Bath application to withstand high temperatures of 130 deg."C". The company's core competence in all aspects of rubber lining employing various rubber compounds based on service conditions and customer specifications have put them in the limelight with a wide rostrum of clients both in India and abroad. These include all Birla Group companies, Simon India Limited – Delhi, Paradeep Phosphates Limited - Orissa, FACT - Cochin, Mcnally Sayaji Engg Limited – Malur, Lanxess India Pvt Limited – Nagda, and Bateman, apart from others.