Our products are used in Pneumatic Brake Applications,Suspension System, Heat Exchanger and Dust Cover Application. These parts are made out of Natural rubber, EPDM, Vamac, HNBR, NBR+PVC.

A wide range of Applications

Highly precise Gaskets, Seals, Grommet and Phase seal adaptors are having Di-Electric strength of > 1000GΩ, These parts are used in control cable applications, Parts are made out of EPDM, Silicone and Carboxyl Nitrile rubber. Highly precise O-Rings, Rubber sleeve, gasket and grommet are manufactured from Silicone, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene and Fluro Silcone rubber.

These parts are used in Aircraft, Helicopters and Navel applications. Highly intricate and Customized parts are used in Industrial and food applications such as Material handling, serving bowel, Pipe fitting gaskets, Ceramic pad and Hoses for wear resistant, Filter gasket for mining sector. these parts are made out of Natural, Nitrile and Neoprene rubber.