Research and Development

Research & Development is at the heart of all our endeavours. Our growth depends on it. With our modern testing facilities & highly professional people, we have developed several critical components like Bonded valve, Electrical resistance components (which passed 8 TὨ), shock Mount & Grid separator for the War Ship VARNASTURA project. We deal all the critical polymers like FKM,AEM,ACM,CSM etc..

Our Research and Development includes state of art testing equipment and testing machines that are regularly maintained and calibrated. Various testing procedures are carried out from raw material stage to the final products with these testing facilities. These tests includes Mooney Viscosity, Rheological properties, Hardness, Tensile strength, Elongation, Abrasion Resistance, Tear strength, Peel strength, chemical analysis, compression set, purity test, melting point etc.

All the tests are carried out by IS, ASTM, DIN or the customer requirement by qualified and experienced personnel. We have developed various compounds for the hardness ranging from 35 – 100 shore A & 35 to 90 shore D, using a wide range of polymers such as NR, SBR, Nitrile, NBR + PVC, Silicone, Viton, EPDM, Hypalon.